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​RoughRiders Baseball Club

One Superior Drive
Superior, Colorado 80027

Tel: +1.720.815.5510

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Conveniently located along U.S 36 Corridor in Town of Superior, Boulder County. Between Downtown Boulder (8min West) and InterLocken (5 min East).

Have an existing team? email with your details.

By joining RoughRiders, you can get access to a number of services.

Services could include:

  • Turf Access - enough for full infield training
  • Cage Access, we have cages in Superior and Longmont
  • Fields, we have relationships to get access across many towns, our home fields are in Superior
  • Professional Instructors for 1:1 lessons (30 and 60 minutes)
  • Professional Instructors for Group/Team Training
  • Uniforms
  • All administration such as team sign up, communication tools